Monday, February 11, 2008

West Hall - Bandung Institute of Technology

Aula Barat - Institut Teknologi Bandung
This is my first post here. Since I'm currently studying in ITB, I decided to post one of the corners in my university. This is my favourite building among all in the institut btw :)


Clement Hord said...

This building has been so classic, it is great for Bandung having this precious building...i love Bandung, please post more photos about your historical buildings.

Btw, i read at Kompas that your old building Hotel Soerabaya will be demolished. Poor it is !!!

Bandung will be still one of the most favourite city for me !

T said...

Sure, Clement! I've been trying to view your profile but seems like there's something wrong with the connection. I'm not able to open this for now.

Haven't heard about the latest news you said. Yeah, I wondered that they are starting to demolish some of the old buildings in Bandung. Poor Bandung. Perhaps those building have been neglected as well. Demolishing is, such a bad idea i should say.

I'll post more old buildings of Bandung as you asked. Thanks for the comment. :)


alaya said...

i used to study here. love to see the building again.
keep posting about bandung.

T said...

Salam kenal, ayala! Nice to know you. Thanks for the comment. Foto-foto dari Bogornya bagus! :)

Wow, kita satu almamater ternyata. What did you take? :D

Son Poemas said...

The harmony fascinates me between the building and the nature.