Thursday, February 14, 2008

Relaxing In Molukkenpark

Statue of Pastoor H.O. Verbraak, S.J (1835-1918)
Molukkenpark , North Bandung


~tanty~ said...

Where is exactly this Molukkenpark? I 've never seen it before.
Oh, welcome to the community and salam dari Stavanger :)

Around the World said...

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Mitch said...

Welcome to the world of City Daily Photo Blogs! I've been doing it for just over four months and have been really enjoying it. It's nice to tour the world from home and get to share my home city of Minneapolis as well. If you haven't found it yet, the CDPB monthly theme is a great way to get noticed my others and feel part of the group. I wrote and article about it on my blog, here's a link:
CDPB Monthly Theme Hints and Tips Also, go over to and register your blog, it's a good way to find out who's linking to you and increase your blog's visibility.
Good luck,
- Mitch

T said...

Hi there!
Thanks, around the world!

I'll keep on doing my best! :)

T said...

Hi, Tanty! Molukkenpark or Taman Maluku is located on Jalan Maluku. We can easily find it when we're travelling around Jalan Maluku, Jalan Seram, and Jalan Aceh, at the intersection I should say :D.

Salam dari Bandung :)

So, you're living in Norway now?