Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Who will be our next mayor?

Bandung will hold the mayoral election this becoming 10 August 2008. The city is now full with this kind of advertisements. Good thing as long as they're displayed on the right place and not distracting the city view :)


Eki said...

Guntur, it's major (utama, [pangkat] mayor), but mayor (walikota). wah posting kita sering serupa ya ... but that's great ... we can present the same from different views.

Eki said...

Maksud saya: not MAJOR, but MAYOR.

T said...

Bang, aku juga sempet mikir tu, ko post kita beberapa sama at the same time, hehe! Kayanya feeling connected, halah! Btw, thanks but koreksinya. It means a lot. Yea, different views yet one goal, mengenalkan Bandung pada dunia. :)